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Hearing and Seeing
Hearing and Seeing

Hearing and Seeing

Job 42:5- I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.

These are the words of Job after the Lord rebukes him for being self righteous. Certainly when one thinks that he has God completely figured out, we have entered into a state of arrogance. There is no doubt that Job had a partial understanding of God before his trial; he is described as perfect and upright but a further understanding came with a rebuke. Oftentine times our first reaction is to be offended with rebuke, as Job was but if we take a step back, we may see that the purpose of a rebuke from the Lord is to see him better. The Lord is a perfect Father. When he chastises us it is not just because he's angry or disappointed but rather he wants us to see him more clearly. If you're in the midst of a chastisement from him, be patient and look. Look for him, look for what he is teaching you. It is a great thing to hear the Lord and even better to see him.




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